Japfuphiki Pfutsana annual feast



Addressing the gathering as chief guest, ADC (HQ), T. Mhabemo Yanthan, urged upon the people to preserve the rich culture and tradition handed down by their forefathers from being swayed away by westernization.

"There is tremendous force in the form of westernization, be it in fashion or advancement in the world today, but it should not disrupt or destroy the fabric of our true ancestral system," he said.

Mhabemo stressed on the need to devise a strong support mechanism to maintain the traditional system and preserve it from being swayed away by westernisation.

"Let us not sacrifice our customs and tradition at the alter of westernization," he cautioned.

About one thousand traditional faith believers from nine villages of the Southern Angami area took part in the meeting-cum-feast which was hosted by Methaseo Kuotsu of Phesama village.

Talking to Nagaland Post, Yose Chaya, president of both Japfuphiki Pfutsana and All Nagaland Indigenous Faith Council, said Japfuphiki Pfutsana was formed way back in 1987. It has members from 9 villages out of the total 13 in the Southern Angami region. Since its inception, the annual meeting of the organization has been a regular affair and is held on rotation basis among the member villages. The meeting is meant to be a platform where older members enlighten younger ones on the practices and believes of their forefathers, he added.

The occasion is also considered to be a sort of annual community feast and merry- making. Specially-prepared local brew "Zutho" and meats were served during the feast. Folk songs and dances were also performed on the occasion.

The Japfuphiki Pfutsana or Indigenous Faith believers of Southern Angami, today organized its annual general meeting-cum-feast at Phesama village, about 11 km away from the state capital.