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Towards a free Nagalim!

Kettenlan 20-1040 Brussels.

Towards a free Nagalim!

Fifty years of struggle is a very long time. Therefore it is an honor for me to be able to collaborate with the Naga people in their struggle to retain their independence. Every people has the right to self-determination, whether this means autonomy or complete independence is up to the people in question to decide, not to the British, nor to the Indians.

Despite all the atrocities, the oppression and the secret war, it is surprising to see the Naga people and their movements still that active and vital. It is the dynamism that will lead the Naga people to obtaining what they want: the right to maintain their own cultures and languages, as well as their own political, social and religious systems.

It is at the same time unbelievable that these 50 years of resistance have been almost completely ignored by the Europeans governments, parliaments, media and non-governmental organizations. If one can say a thing about the Indian Government, then it is that it has been successful in getting the Naga issue, as well as most of the other conflicts in the region out of attention. Even now it is difficult to get the issue on the agenda of institution such as the European Parliament because of the strong pressure of the Indian Government not to touch the Indian sovereignty. But the world is slowly changing for the better.

It is the achievement of organizations and movements like the NSCN and the Naga People's Movement for Human Rights, each with its own agenda and objectives, to have brought the Naga struggle to Europe, and to create alliances with peoples who are willing to listen to the plight of the Nagas, and to act to advocate their rights.

I have the luck to be one of these people; and I remain convinced that all these efforts will not remain useless. One day Nagalim will be free again, freed from occupation, war and oppression just like many others have been able to get their right to self-determination recognized, and the Naga people will be able to freely determine their own destiny. At that time, other peoples will ask the Naga people for their support and advice in order for these others to be able to deliver this needed solidarity and wisdom.

The Naga nation has the right to maintain its own identity, its own social and political institutions and to a genuine democratic and community-oriented political system. Once this is established, the Naga people and their movements will have something to show to the world. That it takes more than 50 years of British colonization and 50 years of Indian colonization, even combined, to make unsuccessful attempts to defeat a people as strong as the Nagas is a matter of substantive inspiration.

For the rights to self-determination of all the indigenous peoples! For free Nagalim!




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