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Naga People’s Proclamation with Respect to 135 Nationalities of the Union of Myanmar::The Morung Exp

The PyithuHluttaw, Lower House of Representative U AungThein from the YwaNgan constituency in Danu Self-Administered Zone, Shan State raised the questions about 135 ethnic nationalities of Myanmar in 20th day meeting of the sixth session of the 1stPyithuHluttawheld in 27th day of February and Deputy Minister U Win Myint for Immigration and Population replied to these queries. The desire and proclamation of Naga people on this reply are as follows.

... 1. The Naga people are the Indigenous People in Myanmar and India and we have our own dialect, culture, customs, long history and distinctive identities.

2. The region in which the Naga are residing has been recognized as the Naga Self-Administered Zone in the 2008 Constitution of the Union of Myanmar according to their cultural distinctiveidentities, geographical territory and population ratio.

3. The reply in the parliament in which the Naga people are included and put in the 53 tribes of Chin ethnic group can not be totally accepted,

4. The baseless, unacceptable and non-logical reply of the Deputy Minister of Immigration and Population can impact on the national unity in the time of trying to get the national unity and reconciliation.

5. The recognition of Naga people as the tribes in the other nationalities that is opposing the reply of the ministry of Immigration and Population are seriously rejected.

6. We deeply and seriously request to re-issue the making amendment and addendum on the nationality lists legally issued by the State.

7. Besides the Naga people are being displayed and featured as the tribes of Chin nationality in the Union National Races’ Village the Naga traditional appurtenance and utensils are displayed as the Chin national races’ traditional objects. Seriously requested to remove and withdraw these displayed and disclosed items and materials like that as soon as possible.

8. We seriously demand and request any person, any organization or any business institution not to mention, describe or refer the Naga people and Naga Region intentionally or unintentionally as the tribes or region being under other race’s or region’s domination.

EnoHninWa (Chairman)
Naga Tradition and Culture Sub-Township Committee, Yangon

Naga Hills Development Network

EnoNawAungSann (President)
Naga Student Youth Federation, Yangon

Rev. EnoSeinMaung (General Secretary)
Naga Baptist Convention

Rev. EnoTsimuthong (Pastor)
Naga Baptist Christian Fellowship, Yangon

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